Accelerated Freefall (AFF): The Ultimate First Jump Course

Our instructors have combined decades of experience and thousands of skydives to create our accelerated freefall course, providing you with the necessary skills to safely skydive by yourself.

After completing all the required jumps, you will have earned your CSPA “A” license, which allows you to jump with your friends and skydive all over the world.

How It Works

1. Tandem Skydives

One introductory tandem skydive + 2 training tandem jumps with freefall objectives and maneuvers

2. Ground School

4-6 hours of classroom training with practical exercises and safety procedures

3. Solo Progression

8 levels of instruction with a private instructor and FREE video on every jump

4. Fun Jumps!

Jump solo or with our CSPA-rated coaches until you reach the 25 jumps needed for your “A” license

AFF Progression Pacakages

AFF - Pay As You Go
Our AFF Package includes 1 jump at each required AFF level
Tandem Skydive Progression (3 jumps)
8 Solo jumps with private instructor
1 Hop 'N Pop graduation jump
FREE video on all solo jumps
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'A' License Package
Package includes remaining AFF solo/coach jumps, CSPA membership and all other classes for a CSPA ‘A’ license
Everything in the AFF package, plus...
8 Solo Jumps
5 Coach Jumps
CSPA Membership
Bragging rights to your non-skydiving friends?
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