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Tandem Skydivers in Ontario at Skydive Burnaby

2nd Jump Special

Save $50 off your

T2 Tandem Skydive!

A student skydiver opens his parachute above Skydive Burnaby in Ontario, Canada.
We want you to continue skydiving so we are offering a great savings when you purchase your 2nd Jump.

Visit the Skydive Burnaby office for more details.

Your Experience at Skydive Burnaby

At Skydive Burnaby we take pride in our facilities, our staff, our instructors and our safety record. All of this will show in every element of your time with us.

Upon arrival you will meet with the Manifest Staff, fill out the necessary paperwork and make payment arrangements. Once the business side is complete you will be informed about the time for your training class and then you will watch a short but informative video. After the video you will be introduced to your ‘Ground School Instructor’.

Tandem students get geared up
for their skydives.

The Ground School Instructor will teach you of a series of simple, but necessary, techniques and concepts...
  • How to prepare your mind and your body for freefall.
  • How to assist the Instructor with the parachute controls.
  • How to position yourself for the landing.
Skydive Burnaby supplies all of the necessary equipment required for your first jump.
The parachute, the tandem harness, the jumpsuit , the helmet and the goggles.

If you wear contact lenses, glasses or have special requirements please inform your Instructor. We can accommodate most of your needs. (Diapers Not Included.)

(Check the Frequently Asked Questions page.)
Following your training you will begin to get ‘Geared Up’ and meet with your Videographer (if you have elected to have your jump videotaped and or photographed).

After a brief review of the skydive you and your Instructor are now ready to board the plane. Upon boarding you'll be instructed to sit in a specific spot and put on your seat belt.

The ride to altitude at Skydive Burnaby is breathtaking. You have never seen Ontario as beautiful as this. Spectacular views of Lake Erie and its beaches, Lake Ontario, the Niagara Wine Region, Niagara Falls and even the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower can be seen in the distance (weather permitting).

During the climb to the exit altitude your Instructor will want to review the skydive with you. Just remember what you were taught on the ground and get ready for the thrill of your life.

Prior to exit you will become securely attached to your Instructor and you WILL KNOW that you are attached. The harness system will snug up around you and you will be able to feel the Instructor directly behind you.

Once the door opens at altitude, get prepared for some unique, personal feelings.

There is nothing like it. It’s windy, it’s loud and it’s exciting.

Your instructor will ask you one more very important question.

Are You Ready To Skydive!!!!!!!

‘Ready! Set! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrch!!!!!’ (Place indescribable feelings here...)

All geared up, ready to go!

At approximately 5000', your Instructor will open the parachute, make adjustments to your harness and then introduce you to the fun and beautiful art of flying and landing a parachute.

During that time you will have a chance to look around at the world in a completely different light. Take it all in. It’s amazing.

There's NO better feeling!
My first skydive!

Flying the parachute is an empowering feeling. You will practice turns, practice for the landing and even create that ‘Roller Coaster’ feeling (if you want).

In preparation for the landing your Instructor will, again, review the body position and technique.

Be ready, because your family, your friends and your Videographer will all be there to greet you and witness your emotions after your first skydive.

As you walk away from the landing area, smiling like a child, you may reflect upon and even understand the Leonardo da Vinci quote…

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

Do You Need More Skydiving?

Skydive Burnaby has an advancement series of Tandem Skydives designed to get you flying in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Our ‘Tandem Level 2’ and ‘Tandem Level 3’ (T2 and T3) skydives introduce additional freefall skills and apply more canopy control theory and practice.

Do You Need Even MORE Skydiving?

Upon completion of the T2 and T3 tandem jumps Skydive Burnaby offers our Advanced Freefall Progression (AFP) for those individuals interested in becoming a licensed skydiver.

It is a combination of modern training methods which progresses the student to become self supervised and excel in the art of body flight and canopy control.

For more information about the AFP syllabus contact Skydive Burnaby or speak with your Instructor at the dropzone.

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