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Tandem parchutes glide back to the Skydive Burnaby

2nd Jump Special

Save $50 off your

T2 Tandem Skydive!

A student skydiver opens his parachute above Skydive Burnaby in Ontario, Canada.
We want you to continue skydiving so we are offering a great savings when you purchase your 2nd Jump.

Visit the Skydive Burnaby office for more details.

So you've decided to jump out of a 'Perfectly Good Airplane'!

Congratulations on taking the first step and visiting the Skydive Burnaby website. We hope to answer most of your questions here.
A first jump tandem student and her instructor above Skydive Burnaby near Toronto..

A first jump student and her instructor
fly through freefall.

At Skydive Burnaby we have the staff, the experience and the airplanes to make your dreams of flight a reality.

We are specialists in Tandem Skydiving instruction and provide a professional service for all people interested in making a 'once in a lifetime' jump or for those wanting to learn to how to skydive.

There are a few different options available for making your first jump but at Skydive Burnaby we offer only tandem skydives as your first jump option.

We offer the highest tandem skydives Toronto, the GTA, Golden Horseshoe and Niagara Falls regions allow.

Why choose a tandem skydive?

Well, it's your safety at stake and we believe that the tandem method of first jump instruction is, by far, the safest and most intelligent choice for your adventure.

So jump into the site and see what the exciting world of skydiving is all about.

The next step is up to you!
At Skydive Burnaby, that next step could be 14 000 feet off the ground!

Plan ahead for your day with Skydive Burnaby

Planning to make your skydive is almost as exciting as getting to the jump door itself. Your hands sweat as you pick up the phone, all of your friends say ‘You’re Crazy!’ and the drive to the Dropzone is filled with anticipation and wonder.
A group of First Jump Students from Toronto get some pre-skydive training.

A group of First Jump Students
get some pre-jump training.

Skydive Burnaby understands this and we try to make the process as simple as possible. Our staff has years of experience in helping first time jumpers with questions, concerns and with the actions needed for making your first jump.

The first step in your new adventure is already complete. You are here, the Skydive Burnaby website. The next steps are just as easy.

  • Pick a date: Of course we allow ‘Walk-In’ jumpers but sometimes we’re extremely busy so it’s always the best idea to choose when you want to jump and call the office to make reservations and arrangements.

  • Call the Skydive Burnaby office - 1800-693 JUMP (5867) or locally 1-905-899-1528: The manifest (office) staff are experienced and very knowledgeable. This is not our ‘first day on the job’ so any questions you may have can easily be answered by our staff. Reservations are also available through our Email Contact Form so you don’t even have to leave your computer to make arrangements.

If you do decide to just drop by, please understand that we operate on a ‘Reservations First’ basis. We will try our hardest to get you skydiving and quite often it will work out fantastic for everybody, but just to be sure, call ahead or email to book a tandem skydive reservation.

  • Organize a Group: Why not share this adventure with your friends? Depending on the size of the group you have organized we can offer you all a discount on your tandem skydives or as the group organizer you can use these discounts to save even more money for yourself. We have jumpers that actually skydive for free because of their organizational skills and ability to bring out large groups for jumping. A Facebook Page or Twitter shout are great social networking tools that touch a great number of people quickly. Use them to bring your friends together for a day at Skydive Burnaby.
  • Come prepared: Be a good student and come to school prepared. Remember to wear suitable clothing for the type of weather. Bring some type of running shoes and please plan on staying with us for at least half a day.
  • Expect the unexpected: Skydiving is a weather dependent sport and sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans regarding how the day will progress. We do have specific restrictions regarding weather but don’t let this discourage you. Quite often it’s great skydiving weather here at the dropzone while 20 kilometers away it’s less than perfect. This is due to our relation to Lake Erie and the lake effect weather we experience. If weather does affect the day there are a number of local attractions that can keep you occupied while we wait for the skies to clear.
  • Alcohol and Drugs: Arrive Alive! Skydive Burnaby does not permit alcohol on the premises during skydiving operations. Those persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused service and will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Skydiving is a sport that can cause serious injury and we require you to listen, learn and understand all of the elements needed for you to have a safe and memorable time.

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