You Add The Captions In Our Photo Gallery

Caption The Moments - Add Your Comments To Our Pictures

You caption the photos at Skydive Burnaby.

Send your suggestions to gallery@skydiveburnaby (dot) com

Email us directly, or use our Contact Page Form, click on 'Gallery Photo Caption' and enter your suggestion in the 'Message' section.

Add your comments to our pictures.

With most photographs the caption is usually some exact explanation of what you are seeing already, so we decided to add a little fun to the caption process… You can write the captions for us!

Just follow the instructions, get creative then send your suggestion to gallery at skydive burnaby dot com.
It's as easy as 1,2,3 - 4.

You can include your First Name, Last Initial and City if you'd like and we will add it to the comment for the image.

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