Jump The Beach This Summer
Experienced Skydivers
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Beach Jumping Every Friday at Skydive Burnaby

This year Skydive Burnaby is continuing to host weekly Beach Jumps to all qualified jumpers.

Beach Jump Requirements

'B License' Minimum
The 'B License' minimum requirement will be strictly enforced and all jumpers must meet this requirement by supplying the DZ with their current licenses.
Water Training Seminar
This mandatory course will be offered throughout the season to ensure that all Beach Jumpers will be prepared for the unique circumstances involved in planning and making Beach Jumps.

Floatation Device
All jumpers participating in the Beach Jumps must have a suitable and skydiving approved floatation device. >>>>>>
A jumper swoops the beach near Skydive Burnaby.

A jumper swoops the beach.

>>>>> (Sorry, 'Water Wings' are NOT considered a floatation device.)
Parachute Accuracy
All jumpers will have to display their parachute accuracy skills to be allowed to make Beach Jumps. Also, at least 1 (one) jump will have to be made at Skydive Burnaby on the day of the Beach Jumps.
Weather Permitting
Of course, Mother Nature will have the final say if the Beach Jumps will happen or not.
More details to come...
Please check back often as the requirements will be changing once the Beach Jump dates get closer.

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